Special counseling for foreigners in English
At Matsuyama-City

Hi there!IMG_4497.jpgNLPトレーナー 中嶋美知
I’m Michi Nakashima.
I’m doing NLP Training and Couseling over 10 years in the Matsuyama-City, Ehime.

I’m always leaning several ways to make people resourceful, more and more.
In the process of my study, I took a certificate of Core Transformation in USA, Dec. 2017.
I think Core Transformation is most profound and peaceful way to change unwanted thoughts, feelings, and habits, and achieve goals you thought unattainable.
When I attended this workshop, of course I was taughed in English and I was supported by many native speakers.
I appriciate a lot about them.

Reading this book also will be helpful for you.

So, I’ll take a time for you to achieve your goal and solve your problem with this skill free of charge* from 2017-2018.
The reason why this counselling fee is free is expression of my gratitude for people helped my learning in the USA.
It’ll take for 1 hour to 2hours at my office.
I’ll guide you in English.

*If you want to talk to me about your problem or goal over 30 min without using Core Transformation, I need to request counseling fee. It is 3000yen per hour.

Contact me with your
①Name, ②e-mail adress, ③telephon number, ④behaviours, habits and reaction you want to change, ⑤personal outcome.

My office is here:
Kogane-building 2nd floor
4-3-2, Minato-machi, Matyuyama-city, Ehime, Japan

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