Special counseling for foreigners in English At Matsuyama-City

Hi there!


I’m Michi Nakashima.
I’m doing NLP Training and Couseling over 10 years in the Matsuyama-City, Ehime.


I’m always leaning several ways to make people resourceful, more and more.
In the process of my study, I took a certificate of Core Transformation in USA, Dec. 2017.
I think Core Transformation is most profound and peaceful way to change unwanted thoughts, feelings, and habits, and achieve goals you thought unattainable.
When I attended this workshop, of course I was taughed in English and I was supported by many native speakers.
I appriciate a lot about them.


If you want to know about Core Transformation, go to Core Transformation’s website or read the book "Core Transformation".松山市,カウンセリング,NLP,心理学,コミュニケーション
Reading this book also will be helpful for you.


So, I’ll take a time for you to achieve your goal and solve your problem with this skill free of charge* from 2017-2018.
The reason why this counselling fee is free is expression of my gratitude for people helped my learning in the USA.
It’ll take for 1 hour to 2hours at my office.
I’ll guide you in English.


*If you want to talk to me about your problem or goal over 30 min without using Core Transformation, I need to request counseling fee. It is 3000yen per hour.



Contact me with your
@Name, Ae-mail adress, Btelephon number, Cbehaviours, habits and reaction you want to change, Dpersonal outcome.





My office is here:
Kogane-building 2nd floor
4-3-2, Minato-machi, Matyuyama-city, Ehime, Japan





意識で努力しても変えられないのなら、それは潜在意識の領域の問題です。 ずっと、自分では辞めようと思っているのに辞められない、治せない癖や行動パターン。 何歳になっても変わらない自分、変えられない自分を責めていませんか? それは無理な努力です、潜在意識に働きかける必要があります。 ストレスなく心地良い人間関係を築きながら、やりたいことを欲張りにやっていきたい貴女を応援します。













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